Krog Macherok and the Venom of Upper Lands




When the Spirits of nature confront the human world to preserve our Mother Earth…
Discover my first eco-fairy novel, where the marvelous meets the fight for the environment! ✨


The day he discovers the body of one of his relatives poisoned by the vapors of the earth, Krog, a young Caillasser gnome, becomes aware of a terrible reality: it is Men and their witchcraft who are at the origin of the drama which once hit his family.

So he secretly embarks on a sabotage mission targeting the pretended culprits: the exploitation of a small family of winegrowers.

He did not expect to meet the owner’s daughter, a young human endowed with strange powers over nature…

Harmonia Editions, 2021
Number of pages: 320
ISBN: 978-2956699743
Cover: Cyril Barreaux

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