Meerhins #3 – The Lake of Golden Tears


The album inspired by the third volume of the saga!

15 original titles composed by Christophe Houssin, enriched with a 12-page color booklet illustrated by seven artists. Texts in Myrihande language with their translation into French.

Genre: film music
Released on February 20, 2019
Producer: Harmonia Productions



With the Myrihandes project, the composer of the saga Christophe Houssin sets himself a challenge: write a movie music… without a movie!

The first idea was to imagine what the movie might be and write the different musical themes. Each title, very symphonic, tells about a character, a place, a key scene, giving it a whole new dimension and a new light for the reader.

The voices and choirs present on some titles are sung in Shaïn, the Myrihande language invented by the writer. The credits title “Ici” is interpreted by Nolwen.

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