Meerhins – The secret of Soulmates


Torn from each other during their childhood, Sisam and Helya discover that they are soul mates, able to unite into one body with legendary powers: a Myrihande …

The first volume of the great fantasy saga of Guilhem Méric.

Harmonia Productions – Fantasy & Imaginary
Released April 15, 2017
430 pages – Softcover – ISBN: 9782954886985



The first tome of the great saga from Guilhem Méric.

In the Three Cities of Pan-Kaia, the last refuge of Men in this world, Sisam and Elya share an extraordinary friendship. Torn away from each other, they meet again ten years later and find out that they are Soulmates, capable of unite into a single being with legendary powers : a Meerhin.

Alas, under the authority of a mysterious lord, the city governors have always persecuted the Soulmates to ensure that no Meerhin shall ever rise again.

To protect their love and free all the other Soulmates, Sisam and Elya must learn everything about their secret link, which could turn them into the most powerful of all Meerhins…

In the vein of Dark Crystal and Lord of the Rings, the Meerhins saga combines epic fantasy and greek mythology to breathe new life into the famous Aristophane’s speech about the origins of love.

Harmonia Productions – Fantasy and Imagination
Published in April 15, 2017
430 pages – Softcover – ISBN: 9782954886985

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